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Thursday is the new Saturday! 6 reasons why you should consider getting married on a Thursday.

Everyone knows that there are peak wedding months in the world of weddings. Did you know, though, that there are peak wedding days? Saturdays and Sundays, for example, are unquestionably the most popular days for planning a wedding and walking down the aisle. However, while certain days will always be renowned, Thursdays and other weekdays are making inroads. Here are six reasons why Thursdays are the new Saturdays, and why you should consider marrying on a weekday!

image by Framestudio

It will be easier to book your dream wedding venue.

As you may expect, the majority of venues are already completely booked during high wedding seasons. What if the venue you've had your eye on for months, if not years, is already booked for a Saturday? If you don't want to stand in line or find an alternative wedding location, reserving your venue for a Thursday or other weekday is terrific. Your ideal venue will almost certainly be available, allowing you to relax and focus on the rest of your plans.

More vendors will be available.

Vendors, like wedding venues, are usually completely booked on weekends. However, if you consider getting married on a Thursday, you will have access to more photographers, wedding planners, florists, and decorators. As a result, your wedding preparation will be less stressful.

Your loved ones, family, and friends will be there for your special day no matter the day

The majority of couples opt to marry on weekends. They believe it would be simpler for their loved ones to attend because most of them work during the week. Your family and friends, on the other hand, will be present on your big day, regardless of when you choose to walk down the aisle. Your wedding list will include your closest friends and family, who will not be discouraged from enjoying your special day by anything (not even by the day of the week)!

Flight tickets and hotels are usually cheaper.

Flight tickets and accommodations are less expensive on weekdays if you want to get married in a different country or if you have friends and family traveling to your wedding. Typically, airplane tickets and hotel rooms are 10% less expensive on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. That way, no one will be left out on that beautiful day!

The perfect kick-off to a long weekend.

Getting married on a Thursday gives you and your guests a full weekend to enjoy. If you are married on a Saturday, you will only have Sunday to rest, not to mention the fact that in certain circumstances, the couple does not go immediately for their honeymoon and must return to work on Monday! Isn't it preferable to spend more time as a married couple relaxing and having fun before returning to reality?

Getting married on a Thursday is unique!

Finally, having your wedding on a Thursday or any other weekday is certainly unique! Perhaps you and your partner have a special day in mind for your wedding, and if that day falls on a weekday, what a wonderful way to commemorate both events!


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